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The International Village Shop is a growing trans-local network of cultural producers who set up trading places for goods with strong local connections.

Potato Sleeper Kartoffelbeutel

Potato Sleeper Kartoffelbeutel

Felt, belt strap, threadFilz, Gurtband, Nähgarn, 2010.


The village of Neuenkirchen is located in the Lüneburger Heide, an area with sandy ground, famous for it's good Heidekartoffeln, it's potatoes. The local comittee - invited by the Kunstverein Springhornhof from Neuenkirchen - voted for making a product to keep a small amount of potatoes, about two and a half kilograms. In the neighbouring small town Soltau felt is produced; felt is light tight and breathable and a good material to store potatoes. The Berlin designers Fuchs + Funke and Michael Lehner thought about a potato container made of felt, their pattern is sewed by the trained tailor Margitta Stölpe from the village of Tewel, a neighbouring village of Neuenkirchen.


Fuchs + Funke and Michael Lehner, Berlin (

Margitta Stölpe, Tewel

Röders Textiles, Soltau

Neuenkirchen, Hohe Heide, Germany

Hohe Heide

53.03543290697411, 9.704360961

Zvizzhi, Kaluga Oblast, Russian Federation

Kaluga Oblast
Russian Federation

54.744634, 35.637791

Agrocite Rue Michelet, Colombes, France

Agrocite Rue Michelet

48.9170967 , 2.2802998

Ittingen, Thurgau, Switzerland


47.5837763 , 8.8665971

Félix Mendelssohn 2941, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Félix Mendelssohn 2941
Pedro Aguirre Cerda
Santiago de Chile

-33.48130632356925, -70.665900

47.204642388766935, 7.79479980

52.51239476690078, 13.37802171

Community Hall, Höfen, Germany

Höfen 20
D96179 Rattelsdorf

50.02034370000001, 10.87784989
Sep – Oct 2015 Bogorodskoe Meshdunarodnij Selskij Magasin/Естественный обмен. Международный сельский магазин Jul – Aug 2015 Ark Stoyanie/АРХСТОЯНИЕ Jun 2013 Agrocite Two Day Summer Shop/Boutique Locale May – Sep 2012 Shop in the shop Dec 2010 4-hour-international-village-shop/FERIA DEL TRUEQUE Nov 2010 – Jan 2011 Langenthal Oct 2010 Berlin Shop in the offices of Lower Saxony/Berliner Laden in der Niedersächsischen Landesvertretung Oct 2010 Höfer Goods 2010/Höfer Waren 2010

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