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Twisted Bugle

Twisted Bugle

, 2014.


Peter Mutschler from PS2 in Belfast has been in contact with the army for more than two years to negotiate the possibility to come in and develop a community product, to follow up a first collective product done with the Forever Young group in 2011, the Caravan Pot. The Abercorn Barracks in Ballykinler will close in summer 2014, and the "Ballykinlar Wives" got together as a group to think of a farewell-object. To be launched in late 2014.

Everyone around the table agreed that the new product shoudl have something to do with the camp, but shouldn't look 'military'. The women want it as an object for their homes, and have control over what goes in.
Various ideas finally merged in a multifunctional object, taking the bugle as a starting point. The bugle sound is part of the everyday routine in the camp, and eveyone thinks that it is a sound they will miss. We are twisting the shiny bugle into something much more domestic - a candle holder / snuffer to look good on the mantlepiece.

A first 3D model was sketched by Jie Li and printed at Belfast University, wax was coloured and cast, glass was glittered.

A second prototype is now under way, with the help of product designer Daniel Rous.

Ballykinler, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

54.25794 , -5.79881

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