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The International Village Shop is a growing trans-local network of cultural producers who set up trading places for goods with strong local connections.

Janus the two-faced wolf Janus die Wolfskerze

Janus the two-faced wolf Janus die Wolfskerze

Wachs, 2018.

It is a wolf with two faces in the shape of a candle; a Janus head in the tradition of the Roman god that stands for ambivalence. This candle can illuminate the discussion and shine a light on the candle factory in the neighbouring town of Walsrode.


Around the last millenium wolves came back to Germany from the east, crossing the river Oder in Saxony and finding their way to the Lüneburger Heathlands.  Since 2012 a pack of wolves is living close to Neuenkirchen. Some people welcome them enthusiastically, others worry about the safety of sheep and cattle and lonely walks in the forests. Children learn at school how to behave when you meet a wolf: make yourself big, rise your arms with the jacket, be very loud. Wolves are a hotly discussed subject and mirror reactions to the unknown. Cultural fears and romanticization of nature and wolves enter the village.

Myvillages created this candle for the International Village Shop and in particular for the permanent store in Neuenkirchen. 

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