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The International Village Shop is a growing trans-local network of cultural producers who set up trading places for goods with strong local connections.

Londonlocal Londonlokal

Londonlocal Londonlokal

ElderflowerHolunderblüten, 2012.

Harvested at the Olympic Cliff, Hackney side, London 2012.

Ernte von der Westseite der Olympischen Klippe, London, 2012.


The best word produced by the whole London 2012 Olympic whizz so far is: Olympic Cliff. A very high security fence is surrounding the whole Olympic Park and makes it more unreachable than the North Face of Mount Steiger. We live near the Olympic Cliff on the Hackney side. The elderflowers are from there and harvested together during sunny afternoon cycling along the cliff.

Der beste Begriff, der in dem ganzen London 2012 Olympischen Gewusel bisher enstand, ist: Olympische Klippe. Der meterhohe Sicherheitszaun, der das gesamte Gelände einfasst ist änhlich unüberwindbar wie die Steiger Nordwand. Wir wohnen an der westlichen Seite, und die Holunderblüten wurden während sonniger Fahradtouren an der Klippe gesammelt.


Lawrence and Theodor and Mathilda and Kathrin

Hackney Marshes, London, United Kingdom

Hackney Marshes
United Kingdom

51.5568038 , -0.030494

Ittingen, Thurgau, Switzerland


47.5837763 , 8.8665971
May – Sep 2012 Shop in the shop

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