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The International Village Shop is a growing trans-local network of cultural producers who set up trading places for goods with strong local connections.

Michael's Aubergine cane tops

Michael's Aubergine cane tops

Clay, 2007.


Michael emailed us about how they are made:

"Well, raku is a Japanese art, nicked and adapted by western ceramicists in the 1960's. I bisc fire in an electric kiln and then raku fire in an adapted dustbin fired with butaine gas. For the raku firing I work outside next to our allotment in the elements (high winds and rain in this instance) I also always do these firings at night because I can gauge the firing better in the dark, and the kids are in bed and out of the way.

All the pieces I have sent to Leeds have a copper oxide glaze on them, apart from a couple which have a copper wash - the glaze on these is very thin and matt when finished. I remove the pieces from the kiln when the glaze melts - approximately very hot - and put in a reducing kiln, (an old biscuit tin half filled with saw dust) sprinkle with saw dust and replace the lid. This reduces the oxygen in the kiln (biscuit tin) and can give the copper effect on some of the pieces. It is not an exact science - particularly with me - so results vary."




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