International Village Shop Internationaler Dorfladen Internationale Dorpswinkel Tienda de Pueblo Internacional

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The International Village Shop is a growing trans-local network of cultural producers who set up trading places for goods with strong local connections.

Melon Apron Gravel Pit Animals Esch F6 TTN Schwarzer Dreck Tewel stem table Zburazh Shirts Bag with print pediment on the roof of a house Bag with print silicon amulet T-shirts Bag with print Kim Jong-Un likes Zburazh Baum-Acker Kaufungen walking tour map Niederkaufungen Miscuglio Tenero ICARDA Abundance Amulet Table Pencil Holder Rhynie Chert Perm Salt Baumacker tree pruning Upländer Bauernmolkerei package Buttermilk and recipes from Upländer Bauernmolkerei Violets Against Violence Life in Rural Hamar postcards Print and Voucher from Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Good Luck Origami Crane Circular Economy Postcards Yellow Shit Farbetages Rural Undercurrents Stickers “The ABC of the projectariat” book by Kuba Szreder Janus the two-faced wolf Huangbian Bag Wild Treasure PAV Scrub Salt PAV Herbal Oil PAV Wrapping Paper PAV Tattoos Zvizzhi Ceramics Tzuika Odaja Style Ready Made Birch Hazel Baskets PAV POP UP Bag PAV Urban Honey PAV T-Shirt PAV seeds PAV Greeting Cards PAV Herbal Bath Höfer Lace Dagenham Cordials Farmers' Chinaware Seville Orange Marmelade R-Urban fanzines Origami baskets Twisted Bugle Agrocité Preserves Fufu Bowl Eco Nomadic School Postcards Reading Matter Made in Zvizzchi Postcards Dutch Russian Friendship Salad DIY Wurmeries Compost Agrocite Veg Garden tool Linen of Ohne Ohne Linseed Bags 37,8 degrees Londonlocal Abandoned Pork Ittinger Ei Images of Farming book Pantry Cloths Kombis Linseed by the glass Various Pickles Weidekätzchenschmuck Walnuts from Mrs Schmied Ittinger Mint Embroidered Working Clothes Natural Dye Manual Nadia Fanzine Nettle Dung Black Forest Fortune Fresh Vegetable No Corruption Tinned Clay Apple Elderberry Schnaps The Caravan Pot Produce from the Geiser Farm Volunteers' Shara's beeds Lawson Park Kimchi and Conserve 2010 DIY Nativity Scene Dried Herbs Walnuts from France Rocket from Abbey Gardens Rosette Bird Feeders Parsnip Pressed Flower Christmas Cards Abbey Gardens Calender 2011 Shop Fanzine (template) Parametenmeterware Clayfruit with noses Fanas Arrow Potato Sleeper Cucumbers from Abbey Gardens Strawberry plants Pumpkin from Abbey Gardens Wall Flower seedlings Seeds from Abbey Gardens Seed Bombs Art and Agriculture Wedding Set Love Cup Planter Fox Chocolate Peppermint Trugs Wrapping paper 01 Potatoes Knipp Lawson Park Surprise Seeds Beans from Abbey Gardens Flower bouquet from Abbey Gardens Oil towers Gamoneu Cheese a ball is a ball is a ball Clover Cheese Lawson Park summer produce Cabbage Village Produce Films Horn egg spoon Höfener Jam 2008 Brigade Commerce Schnapps Quince Liqueur There is no Life but Wealth Village Kiosk Product Catalogue Wooden Mushrooms Michael's Aubergine cane tops Norma Olden's notorious pickled onions Lawson Park Parsley Seed Tea Bowls Jarlamp Frogskeleton cape Bags with sayings Doily Bag Titschy Kitschy House Bag of apples Toge Rice Frogcork Butterspoon Horsemilk Soap Horsemilk powder Horsemilk shampoo Frogwater Blue grapes Sweets Lawson Park Conserve Toge Sandals Peter’s Pots Freshly pressesd apple juice Homemade butter Roadshow promotional cups Grizedale Arts publications Grape Juice

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