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The International Village Shop is a growing trans-local network of cultural producers who set up trading places for goods with strong local connections.

The Caravan Pot

The Caravan Pot

Clay, Image transfers, 2011.

To finally get a local community centre, Anne- Marie Dillon and the "Forever Young Pensioners" group simply got a caravan, decorated it and used it. The Caravan Pot is to commemorate and replicate this act.


In 2009 the idea was born to produce a village produce together with the "Forever Young Pensioners" group. Presentations and workshops were held to collect ideas for a new object. What should it refer to? What to represent? In the Northern Irisch context where social and political boarderlines have been very cleary marked over the decades, most symbols and signs have strong associations with either or. The act of placing a caravan that is decorated with cute and cosy images on the middle of the football pitch, and to simply use it, was a significant moment in changing the dynamics and territories in Ballykinlar. Call it  "agressive cosyness", as Christoph Schäfer in his essay here.


The idea came through conversations and workshops between the "Forever Young" group, Kathrin and Andreas from public works and Peter Mutschler from PSsquared in Belfast.

The drawings and model were made by public works.

The ceramic pots are slipcast and fired by Peter Jones.

The design for each pot is made by each pot owner.

Ballykinler, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

54.2578478 , -5.7913435

Tiefe Straße 4, Neuenkirchen, Lower Saxony, 29643, Germany

Tiefe Straße 4
Lower Saxony

53.0337805 , 9.7068219

Ittingen, Thurgau, Switzerland


47.5837763 , 8.8665971

Ballykinlar, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

54.2578478 , -5.7913435
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