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The International Village Shop is a growing trans-local network of cultural producers who set up trading places for goods with strong local connections.



07/07/2016 17/07/2017

Libera Scuola del Giardino

The Pav Pop Up shop comes after one year of work of the Libera Scuola del Giardino group, developed as a workshop-based expansion on the themes explored in 2015 in Grow it Yourself, an exhibition curated by Marco Scotini. The workshop-based journey, which is part of AEF|Attività Educative e Formative, born from the encounter with Wapke Feenstra, as part of a year of research and creation by the group and Andrea Caretto|Raffaella Spagna to produce plant-based products. 
The aim of the project is to define a new and specific collective identity, based on shared experiences, both in terms of planning and implementation, for the purposes of raising awareness of the natural resources that exist in the PAV area.
 Through the various stages of researching, cultivating and transforming botanical species, the project intends to bridge the gap between consumption and cultural production as, by participating in the creation of a consumer good, the producer and consumer of the end product are woven together.
The project represents a direct contribution to the International Village Shop.
 Thanks to the working group, the Libera Scuola del Giardino sees the progressive launch of temporary initiatives for the sale and exchange of products obtained through cultivation, collection and processing of raw ingredients. Specifically, a quadrangular area is set out within the park, divided into four sections for growing vegetables, and adjacent portions of land are made available for the spontaneous growth of field-based species, left free to express the maximum degree of biodiversity that the area has to offer.
 The cultivation of the garden, the spontaneous areas and the entire PAV territory give rise to the production of seasonal products, obtained through the cultivation of raw materials; this is combined with the creation of packaging to present the materials in a form suitable for exchange and sale as art multiples.

Conducted by: Wapke Feenstra, myvillages

Workshop conducted by: Andrea Caretto|Raffaella Spagna
Project curated by: Orietta Brombin

Participants: Andrea Alauria, Mohsen Baghernejad Moghanjooghi, Valentina Bassetti, Valentina Bonomonte, Martina Campione, Marialuisa Camurati, Tommaso Cannataro, Stefania Crobe, Valeria Dardano, Francesca Doro, Katia Facciolo, Andrea Famà, Angelo Antonio Ferrante, Ermanno Lattini, Elena Laureri, Martina Maiorano, Daniela Maronetto, Gabriele Nicola, Chiara Pigoni, Giovanna Porfido, Noel Ratini, Elisabetta Reali, Carolina Rossi Casanovas, Leardo Sciacoviello, Maria Sessa, Alessandro Weber.

With the participation of: Gruppo CTC (Comunità Temporanea di Costruzione); Urbees, apicoltura urbana, Torino; Collettivo OltreModo | ASL TO1 | Coop. La Rondine | Coop. Frassati | Ass. Il Bandolo Onlus; Cooperativa Paradigma, Torino; Cooperativa La Luna Blu, Moncalieri (TO); Istituto Superiore Pininfarina, Moncalieri (TO)

Garden projected by: Gianluca Cosmacini, con la collaborazione di Filippo Alossa

Consulting by: Antonio Barletta e Leyla Rizzo, Daniele Fazio

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