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The International Village Shop is a growing trans-local network of cultural producers who set up trading places for goods with strong local connections.

Made in Zvizzchi Shop / Zvizzhi Village Shop

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  • 01/07/2013 Ongoing

Made in Zvizzchi Shop, Zvizzchi, Russia

End of July 2013 the shop display in Zvizzchi is ready, it is mounted on the wall in the existing village shop (Called Products). We love it. The sale of local handcrafts and foodstuffs can begin. We have a committee of three ladies in the village Natalya Serova, Margarita Prochoruyva and Ludmilla Jakuschina that will run the shop and hunt for goods. As the existing “Products Shop” is run by Maria Pesteriva, she is the daily promotor of the Made in Zvizzchi Shop and we have two signs that point out where to go. There is local craft such as textiles, sweeps, honey and conserves at display. Postcards (for sale) show the richness of this village. By collectively photographing the produce and the surrounding landscape this set of postcards was made in 2013. But the Made in Zvizzchi shop offers not only display - it also works as a network of producers that can be found over mobile phones and makes the delivery direct from the villages’ gardens and kitchens possible. The shop is with this network of phones in a way the whole village, it helps how to catch the one who has garden surplus and wants to sell it.

Different aspects of the local cultural production shape the art project Made in Zvizzchi by Wapke Feenstra. It was set up in the Dutch-Russian cultural exchange year in 2013. More here.

In 2014 myvillages plans to work on a new product for the shop. We want to stay connected to this village and shop.

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Village Shop Zvizzchi

Made in Zvizzchi Postcards

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